Join the journey through time and space with the Dödsalliansen!

In the mysterious year of 2014, a bold inhabitant of Gudbrandsdal was overtaken by a celestial force proclaiming itself as the sum of all 80s heavy metal. Dödsstjerne Satansen became his new name and in a whirlwind of passion and musical madness, he conceived a vision, a daring mission: to revive the era of 80s music and stage with a futuristic twist!

“With a powerful collaboration between Dödsstjerne Satansen and the eccentric Sultan MixMaster, the Dödsalliansen was born! And in 2023, they burst into the musical sphere with their intense debut album ‘Dödsskvadronen’! With great help from the Osland brothers from Lærdal, they are now ready to conquer the stage with an unparalleled concert experience.

Get ready to be blown away by Dödsalliansen’s primal forces as they take the stage for their very first concert! Are you ready to join the journey?”